Samuel Taylor Coleridge Biography

Samuel Taylor Coleridge Biography – Brandon Skenandore
Coleridge, tried to bring frost at midnight more in light with romantic ideals, intimate
between speaker and object of conversation, and as readers. Images are particular,
realistic, specifically detailing aspects of nature (human engagement w/ nature, external
world), uses exactitude in writing, very purposeful, exact sense of what he sees and
wants you to see. Particular in conversation w/ baby, mostly with speaker. Trying to
exhibit the way consciousness flows, having conversation in his head as many of us
do. Romantic poetry is a spontaneous utterance, comes spontaneously and exactly.
Absolute resolution and awareness. Render the moment exactly as you remember it.
Poem is recreation of exact conversation. Shepard talking to flock, etc. Spontaneous
building up of conversation with exact details generally about nature.
Talk about opening section, stems to actual poem. All of it is part of the poem
Opium dream, lasted 3 hours while reading sentence from Purchas’s Pilgrimage
Primary imagination
Saw vision, made sense of it
Secondary imagination
Turned it into the poem
Oppositional, complicated, but turns out fine in the end.
Coleridge’s attempt to explain poetic creation?
Draws from everything – chinese dynasties, sexuality, religion, idea of ancient cultures
Act of creating – Turning different fragments into one central theme.
Feels more spontaneous, natural outpouring
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1 .Primary Imagination: The way we instinctively order our experiences. Point where we engage in something, order our experiences in some way. Everybody does this, world would be chaos to us without. Secondary Imagination: Allows the artist to reorder the events to create a deeper meaning. Fancy – form we fit things into, by imposing may take away from being “organic”2 .Poet brings activity of man through imagination. A poem is a composition whose immediate object is pleasure, not necessarily truth. Its parts mutually support and inform each other

3 .Mechanic v. Organic form: Mechanic: Something is imposed, imposing a system of preexisting rules. Organic: innate, evolves from inner principle, according to unique laws of its growth, it achieves unity

4 .In relation to Wordsworth: (language) – properties of class. Every man’s language IS Wordsworth’s “real” language