The Various Governments in Oceania

Oceania – The Various Governments (Brandon Skenandore)
•The Nations of Oceania
•The Commonwealth of Australia
•17th-18th century: Many nations explore area, chart continent
•1770: Eastern side claimed by Britain
•1829: Britain claims entire continent
•20th Century: Six colonies & two territories developed
•1901: Colonies become federation, forms Commonwealth of Australia
•Britain (Queen Elizabeth II) Still reigns
•The Six Colonies (States) and Two Territories of Australia
•Legislative Branches of the States
•All states are Bicameral except Queensland (Unicameral)
•Bicameral: Two distinct chambers
•Unicameral: One chamber
•Legislature Elected by Popular Vote
•Incumbency varies
•Executive Branches of the States
•Queen of Australia (Elizabeth II)
•Governor of the State represents the Queen
•Governor Elected by the Queen
•Senior Ministers Support the Governor
•Judicial Branches of the States
•States have district/supreme court
•High Court of Australia
•The Two Territories of Australia
•Australian Capital Territory Legislative Assembly (ACT)
–Inside of New South Wales
–Governmental hub of Australia
•The Two Territories of Australia
•Northern Territory
–Least Populous
–Parliament consists of only one house
–Lacks independence of states
•Commonwealth of Australia
•Power divided between Commonwealth and States
•Power shifting to Commonwealth
•Monarchy w/ Parliamentary Democracy
•New Zealand
•Claimed by Britain
•Monarchy w/ parliamentary democracy
•Queen Elizabeth II supreme
•Governor-General represents the Queen
•Unicameral Parliament w/ Queen as President
•The Independent State of Papa New Guinea
•The Independent State of Papa New Guinea
•Controlled by Australia until 1975
•Gained independence
•Queen Represented by Governor-General
•Prime Minister holds Executive Power
•Unicameral Parliament
•Other Nations
•Lots more
•U.S., Britain, France control some
•More Sovereign, small government