Coming of Age in Mississippi Book Summary

Coming of Age in Mississippi Book Summary – Brandon Skenandore

Moody – born in 1940, grew up very poor, book broken down into 4 sections

Why does it matter, what does it have to do with you, how did it make you feel?

Groups will navigate us through the 4 respective parts of the book, then a paper will be due.

What you should get out of the message: energy of sacrifice, giving up something so that other things can be possible

Lots of people have made sacrifices so that other things can be possible.

Seekers of information, inspiration, knowledge, get approval, how wonderful you are.

More often than not, things that we do make the biggest difference in the world, perceived as invisible.

Integrity is a powerful energy – doing the right thing even when nobody is looking, because you know the difference between right and wrong.

Right to be free is dependent on everybody else’s contributions

Energy of national consciousness.

Goes to High School, plays basketball, goes to Baton Rouge for work, back to Centreville. Does a bunch of activities to get stuff off of her mind,

New Orleans, chicken factory

Graduated top of both schools.

Major gleaning from how Moody has chronicled the unfolding of adolescence through high school, situated within emotional content. Throughout all of social history, would not be what it is without humans having human expression Wind is wiping through the valley. As human beings, inclination is to arise some emotional interpretation, explanation for stuff.

Sometimes take interpretations, meanings personal.

Moody had a reason for writing this book, had a story to tell. Timeless classic in height of civil rights movement, more people saw their social accountability.

Epiphanies, inspirations that propel you to do something with your gifts, talents. Deeply engraved personal ideal about human differences.

Anne started to hate white people and African-Americans that wouldn’t stand up for themselves

Anne goes to college, begins standing up for herself & her rights, no longer sheltered.

Becomes active in NAACP

Anne works at a restaurant in the summer, then receives a scholarship to Natchez College for basketball, turned out to be really small. Only two main meals

chp 22: NAACP Annual convention in Jackson, mom mad at her, Woolworth lunch counter sit-in, immediately caused tension, ignored, then waiter told them to move to “black” counter, them and whites were beaten and arrested. No promises, demonstrators had pray-in, got them all arrested.

chp 23: CORE opened voter registration campaign, organized teams on campuses for voter registration, teens got shot, teens stopped coming, pregnant lady shot, no one came to them anymore. Moody loses 15 pounds, people helped her, needed to leave town, 8 men came to house, hid in backyard, people sent for food.

chp 24: Moody goes to march on Washington, rode with Reverend King risky, march was full of people, on crutches & wheelchairs. Upset with leaders, only talking about dreams, would 250,000 marchers have any impact on congress? On way home, went to Alabama and Tennessee state line, didn’t want to go through Alabama at night, didn’t stay at hotel, stayed at federal park in Tennessee, safer on Federal land.

The Right to Dream movie.

chp 25: Freedom house after March on Washington, kids couldn’t get jobs, unable to afford new school clothes, 2 girls needed new clothes, reminded Moody of her childhood, SNCC dropped off clothes. Received first CORE check for $25, bought girls new school clothes, took them out to lunch.

Birmingham Jail bombed on Moody’s birthday, lost trust in God, thought march was pointless.

chp 26: Chapter 26: Get clothes from SNCC, huge line of people, people only happy to see the clothes, but only 20 people signed the registration sheet.

Sent kids to pick cotton, threats, got guns for protection.

“I wonder. I really wonder.”