How I created a Mashup Remix with Apple Garageband (+Free Download)

Last weekend I was studying my Biology notes while listening to the new Black Eyed Peas song “Just Can’t Get Enough” when the sudden urge came to create a mashup remix with this song and “Dynamite” by Taio Cruz. I could tell a very close similarity between the two songs, and it sounded like a lot more fun to play around with Apple Garageband than study for my upcoming exam. So, three hours later, I had an awesome remix, and I wanted to share how I made this remix so you can have as much fun as I had. I’ve been an avid Garageband user for the last several years, and with the software continually updating, it’s gotten easier and easier to create song remixes and mashups.

All I used was an Apple computer, Garageband, some free DJ software (Virtual DJ Home or Mixxx are available for free at the App Store), and a nifty program called Audacity that allows you to change tempo and pitch of mp3 tracks.

So first of all, I figured out what the BPM was of each track. This was done by loading the mp3 tracks into the free DJ software. The BEP song was 94 BPM, and the Taio Cruz (vocals only) song was 120.2 BPM. Normally I would not have had to use Audacity to change the tempo (since this can be done with Garageband pretty easily), but since the BPM of “Dynamite” had a decimal value, I had no choice but to change the tempo so that it was not a decimal number (As far as I know, Apple Garageband doesn’t automatically recognize BPMs, and you can only change the BPM of your project by whole numbers). I also changed the pitch of the song so that it was in the same key as the BEP song. I changed the tempo to 105 exactly.

I then started my Garageband project at 94 BPM. After that, I imported both the original BEP track and the instrumental BEP track. I then checked the “Follow Pitch/Tempo” box for each track. This allows you to change the tempo of the song without changing the pitch. I then changed the BPM of the project to 105 (the same value of the Taio Cruz song). I then imported the Taio Cruz song (vocals only) into the project, and checked the “Follow Pitch/Tempo” box.

After the songs were lined up, it was pretty much a piece of cake. I used the volume adjustments to change the volume of each individual track, turning up the instrumental track and the Taio Cruz track while muting the original BEP track. And the rest is history. See the picture for more, and download the mp3’s!


Just Can’t Get Enough Dynamite SLOWER (105 BPM).mp3

Just Can’t Get Enough Dynamite FASTER (115 BPM).mp3


-Brandon Skenandore